Always Growing

As a membership, the newest generation of Germantown Cricket Club has consistently sought growth in its campus; racquet and aquatic sport opportunities, expansion of gathering rooms that build our sense of family and fellowship, all while fostering its neighborhood and our contribution to the community. At the same time, curating and preserving the treasure that is the storied campus housing over 160 years of Philadelphia cultural and sport history is a tremendous responsibility. All friends of Germantown Cricket are tasked with looking back to move forward.

Help us Continue to Grow

Chatter of new capital projects certainly creates a buzz within the GCC family. Building bridges in our Manheim neighborhood through providing tools and opportunity for success comforts the soul. We ask you to consider: Your tax-deductible gift to Friends of GCC’s effort to shepherd the campus’s historic facilities through restoration relieves stress in the club’s capital expenditures budget. Your generous support not only perpetuates the history that allows future generations of Philadelphians to marvel and learn but also reduces the burden of the capital expenditures line item. In turn your leadership, your contribution, does double duty as you are also directly freeing up funds that will flow into strategic plan and community building projects!

Advisory Board

We invite you to speak to a member of our Advisory Board to talk a little more about how you can get involved in supporting the effort. We welcome your ideas and the opportunity to brainstorm with you about the past and future of this wonderful club.

Rhonda Anderson


Jo Ann Malmud

Strategic Planning

Thomas Donatucci


To date, Friends of GCC have make donations from $250 – $20,000
in support of Germantown Cricket Club’s Facilities & Strategic Plan.