Friends of GCC

supports the Germantown Cricket Club
through historic preservation and community giving opportunities


Friends of GCC is an independent 501c3 charitable organization supporting social initiatives, historic preservation, community engagement and growth. Your support directly benefits the ongoing events and activities that make up the charitable projects of Germantown Cricket Club.

Support your club and Community 


Whether it’s historic preservation, community outreach, or support that benefits club projects, The Friends of GCC gives membership and friends an avenue to be part of the solution.

Your tax-deductible gift will help to:

  • Preserve and promote The Club’s storied 168+ year history,
  • Encourage and enhance the partnership between The Club and the community.
  • Ensure the continued growth of a strong foundation allowing GCC to support membership’s vision.

Juneteenth Celebration 2024

Presented by Germantown Cricket Club

Monday, June 17, 2024
Germantown Cricket Club
411 Manheim Street, Philadelphia, PA 19144

Food, Live Music, Adult Clinic, Adult Round Robin (3.0+) & More!
Free to attend!

Juneteenth Flyer 2024

Our Current Initiatives


Always Growing – The Sycamore

Like our sycamore tree, The Friends of GCC aspires to be firmly rooted in our Germantown community. Just as the sycamore, your support speaks to strength and reliability while empowering your personal legacy to witness generational success beyond our time in tennis whites.


Kelly School

That’s going to leave a mark!…

…and indeed it will. Joining Friends of GCC in the effort to support the 500+ K thru 5th grade students at the John B. Kelly Elementary School directly effects the quality of life of many children vulnerable to being left behind by an underfunded education system.


Historic Preservation

Germantown Cricket Club’s campus is a living history of Philadelphia. The Club’s architecture and archival displays offer us insights into our city’s life and culture. From the time before the Lincoln presidency, to the roaring 1920’s, through two World Wars, a baby boom, a summer of love, the tech revolution, and into today, our club tells our story and maps our history’s path to the diverse and bountiful place it is today. Our Historic Preservation Initiative is a search for leaders from GCC membership charged with preserving and advocating for the rich history built upon 411 Manheim Street.

Leave a LEgacy

Make a

Your desire to impact and preserve both within and beyond our hallowed walls is echoed in your support of The Friends of GCC. Your tax-deductible gift to our community creates a direct and curated effect. Your generosity empowers and enriches our shared values of community, history, and growth.

Join Our Community


Current and Past Initiatives

Giving back to our neighborhood is the foundation of the Friends of GCC mission. It is indeed the spirit of the current generation of GCC membership. Working with the Kelly School, our next-door neighbor, is just one of the opportunities we’ve undertaken to strengthen our entire community.

About GCC

(Germantown Cricket Club)

Calling Germantown home for over a century and a quarter, Germantown Cricket Club’s campus and neighborhood are immersed in the significant history of our city and a reflection of the energy that propels Philadelphia. Registered as a National Landmark, the fourteen acres of acclaimed racquet facilities and period iconic buildings create a familiar and welcoming place to dine, swim, play, and gather with friends and loved ones. In its seventeenth decade, GCC has evolved as a tapestry of over 2000 Philadelphians sewn together by the common threads of athletic pursuit, camaraderie, and family. Inspired by these shared experiences, a like-minded fellowship of members stirs the spirit of community echoed throughout this website.

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