Kelly School

Located just a well hit ground stroke beyond Germantown Cricket’s Athletic Building, The John B. Kelly School serves over 500 neighborhood children in kindergarten through 5th grade. Their mission is to create an engaging and empowering learning environment that will foster students to develop into lifelong learners. Friends of GCC members have the ability and the aspiration to help create this long-lasting impact by both financially supporting and actively participating in programs that directly help these children.

Help rebuild the school library

Since the school library was shut down due to budget cuts, volunteers like you have come together to reopen and rebuild the library. Your generous donation will help purchase updated books for kids from every grade level, improve the learning environment in the library, and ultimately make a substantial impact in the Germantown community. You can make a financial donation here.

Ways To Get Involved

Support the Library

Beyond financial support, there are opportunities for Friends of GCC to get involved with varying levels of commitment.

Donate Books

The library accepts donations in the form of new and gently used books. Anything your child has outgrown is deeply appreciated.


For those interested in donating their time, the Kelly School is looking for volunteers to read to classes as well as do one-on-one reading with individual students.

  • Either of these can be done both in-person or over Zoom.
  • Volunteers of all ages are welcome, and the school even has forms for teenagers in your household who may need to meet a school community-service requirement. More information about this program can be found [here].

Make an Impact that can last a lifetime!

USTA Middle States

Getting children into tennis at a young age helps them develop physically, mentally, and socially. Friends of GCC in concert with The USTA Middle States is launching a Rally Stars program for the children of The Kelly School.

We look for your support (financially, volunteering in the gym, or both) to start a program on the Kelly School’s campus and give a dozen K-2nd youngsters and a dozen 3rd-5th graders a 3 day a week/8 week intro to share the sport you love. Every 8 weeks we’ll introduce a couple more dozen children into the program. In the Spring we look to move some of the sessions to GCC.

It’s an opportunity for GCC pros to lend their expertise (with your financial support) as well as you or your high school aged (or older) children to help out on the court lending knowledge and time.

Please stand with The Friends of GCC and The USTA Middle States in providing equipment, pros, and quite simply, opportunity for our neighboring children of The John Kelly School.

As neighbors We

Give Back

Giving back to our neighborhood is the foundation of the Friends of GCC mission. It is indeed the spirit of the current generation of GCC membership. Working with the Kelly School, our next-door neighbor, is the opportunity to strengthen our entire community. Through our donations of time, money, and books, we make an impact on children that can last their entire lives.  

To date, donations to Friends of GCC to benefit the John B. Kelly School Library Program have ranged from $25 to $1,000.